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Windows Phone Apps

Windows Phone has several great apps for Remote Potato that allow you to stream your stuff to your mobile device.

  • Smart Potato
    Smart Potato is a Windows Phone 7 client for Remote Potato that allows you to manage Windows Media Center functions as well as remote viewing of Recorded TV. The app's home page includes a video of it in action.
  • Media Buddy
    Media buddy for windows phone 7 is an application which lets you access all of your TV information. It includes browsing and playing your recorded TV, looking at your recording schedule & add/update it, looking at channels and program guide, find a show and schedule a new recording.
  • Media Center HD EPG
    A relative newcomer to the app scene, and looking very promising: browse EPG, stream shows, handle recording conflicts, Movie Trailers, TV Data from web sources, Background Audiostreaming, multiple hosts.

If that's not enough, why not take a look at our API and make your own?!