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Frequently Asked Questions - iPhone/iPad App

Got something to ask us? Check out the most frequent questions we receive about the apps below.

Does the Remote Potato app support iOS7?
Yes! Plus, the app is a Universal app, so it'll work on both iPhone and iPad; you don't have to buy it more than once.
Do I need a home PC to use this app?
Yes, you do - it can be running Windows XP (SP3), Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8. Computers running Mac OS X and Linux are not supported.
What are the system requirements to run Remote Potato on my iOS device?
Remote Potato requires an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch running iOS 6.0 or later.
I've just installed the app; how do I get it up and working?
Sounds like you need to read our installation guide.
I can't connect to my server from the App
There are various things that may cause this issue.

Firstly, try deleting the server from the list (tap 'Edit', then tap the delete button) and re-add the server information. This can 'reset' the connection and enable the app to correctly connect. If this doesn't help, try the following solutions:

  • You're typing the wrong settings into the Server screen in the App:

    This is a common issue. Examples of what to type in the server screen are as follows:
    Port: 9080

    Please note, the URL does not contain 'http://' or any port number information. (e.g. ':9080')
  • Your Internet connection might be down, or have low signal strength if you're connected via a mobile network.

    Open Safari on your iPhone and check that you can surf the web.
  • Your home router is set up incorrectly:

    On your iPhone, type into the Safari address bar:
    ...replacing serverurl and port with the EXACT SAME VALUES that you are entering in the box in the server settings page in the app.

    Do you see the main menu appear in the mobile browser? If not, then there is an issue with your network settings, or your router, or something else -- check all the various settings again carefully.
What music file formats does Remote Potato for iOS support?
Remote Potato for iOS supports music files in MP3 format - mono/stereo, CBR or VBR at most standard bitrates.

Other file formats are unsupported at this time.
What video file formats does Remote Potato support?
Remote Potato uses the excellent ffmpeg software to transcode video and therefore supports many modern video formats. This includes the following:

AVI Video Containers
MPEG Video
MP4 / M4V Video
WTV / DVR-MS Video
MOV (Quicktime) Video
M2TS / MTS Containers
MKV (Matroska) Video
VOC (DVD) Containers
FLV (Flash Video)
WMV (Windows Media Video)
TS (Mpeg 1 Transport Stream)
Media Center: My TV guide grid is blank
By default, the guide grid displays only 'favourite' TV channels - you can touch on the 'settings' button (top right of the screen) to change this behaviour.

Also, when you first connect to your server, the app begins to load EPG data in the background - this can take a few minutes, especially with large numbers of channels. While Remote Potato is doing this, the app may be a little slower, and you may also experience occasional delays in loading your TV guide.

If you're still having problems, also check out the FAQ entry for 'I can't see any channels in the TV guide' below.
I use Windows Media Center: why can't I see any channels in the TV Guide?
Firstly, have you selected any favourite channels on the server, in the settings app? While not essential, it can eliminate issues that might cause a blank EPG. Load the settings app, go to the 'channels' tab, choose some favorite channels, then click 'Save Changes'. Next, on your iOS device, remove the server completely from the 'Servers' page and re-add it.

If this doesn't work, please try re-loading the channels in the settings app:
  • Load the Settings app on your home PC, stop the server.
  • Go to the 'channels' tab, click 'Reload All from Media Center' -> Save Changes
  • Re-start the server

Finally, if you still can't see any channels, are you running Windows 8? If so, ensure that you have downloaded and installed the free Windows 8 Upgrade pack.
Why can't I stream video to the app?
There could be a number of reasons:
  • The TV files are DRM protected
    If there is no 'Stream' button displayed in the app, this is usually the case. Some TV broadcasters add this protection to their shows and there's unfortunately nothing we can do to get around this; it can only be played on the computer it was recorded on. (or an extender device)
  • Your Home PC is not fast enough
    It takes a lot of processor power to encode video in realtime, and a fast modern CPU is required to do this. We recommend a dual or quad-core CPU running at at least 1.2MHz, although exact system requirements are difficult to spec precisely.

    Symptoms of this include constant buffering of video on the iPhone. Try checking the CPU usage on your Home PC while streaming to see whether it appears to be struggling to cope. (You can add the Windows 7 CPU Usage Desktop Gadget to your desktop to help with this)
  • Your ISP's upload speed is limited
    When you watch streaming video over the Internet on your iPhone using Remote Potato, remember that it's being sent out using your home internet connection. It's effectively being 'uploaded' out of your home (the opposite of what you normally do, which is to 'download' into your home! Upload speeds are usually slower than download speeds and in some cases this can add a bottleneck into the streaming process. If this is the case, you will often see a show stop repeatedly to buffer new content.
  • The video format is not supported
    Most (but not all) popular video formats are supported by Remote Potato. However, there are still some video formats unsupported at this time. (see list below)
Where do the files in 'Recorded TV' and 'Video Library' come from?
How do I add more folders from my PC to these lists?
There are two separate screens in the iOS app, 'Recorded TV' and 'Video Library':
    This display all your Windows Media Center recorded TV files. By default, these files come from the same folder that your Windows Media Center uses. However, you can manually change this, and/or add more folders by going to the server settings application.
    Remember, only WTV and DVR-MS files will be displayed.

  • VIDEO LIBRARY This is intended for playback of all your other video files - AVIs, MP4s, etc. (see elsewhere in this FAQ for a full list of supported formats)
    To get additional files/folders to show in the list, you must add them using the server settings application on your home PC.