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Remote Potato - What's New

What's changed in the Tech Preview releases, index by minor version number:
v1.1 - July '11 Tech Preview
The beginning of a new tech preview branch of the server, which will feature new features and functionality.
  • v1.1.1
  • - (APP) Added: robots.txt file to prevent search engine discovery
  • v1.1
  • - (APP) Added: Streaming volume percentage boost (alpha)
This is the first major release of Remote Potato - many thanks to all testers of the Tech Preview and Release Candidate.
  • v1.0.6
  • - (APP) Added: Add folder using network path
  • - (APP) Fixed: New recorded TV shows not detected in subfolders
  • v1.0.5
  • - (API) Fixed: Issues with streaming to iPhone 3G
  • v1.0.4
  • - (APP) Added: File browsing now sorted alphabetically (e.g. pics library, video library)
  • - (APP) Added: Raised max number of folders that can be added to libraries to 100 folders. (was 10)
  • v1.0.3
  • - (APP) Added: Deinterlaces recorded TV shows while streaming to iOS clients.
  • - (APP) Added: Supports for various iPad streaming qualities (beta testing clients only)
  • v1.0.2
  • - (APP) Fixed: 'Could not schedule series request' from iOS app
  • - (API) Fixed: Probing files could produce error if probe file in use.
  • - (APP) Enhanced: Better XML API error reporting
  • - (APP) Fixed: .WTV .VOB and .TS files now included in video library listing
  • v1.0.1
  • - (SL) Added: Audio stream selection.
  • - (SL) Fixed: Minor date display bug.
  • - (APP) Added: Support for audio commentary streams for visually impaired.
  • v1.0
  • - (SL/IOS) Added: Auto-detect aspect ratio
  • - (IOS) Fixed: Incorrect aspect ratio occasionally when streaming
  • - (SL) Added: Days of week in search results
This build moves Remote Potato to use the NET 4 framework.

The build is intended to provide the foundation for the next stable release of Remote Potato and is for feedback and bug reporting purposes.
  • v0.99.20
  • - (SL) Added: Fully seekable streaming video to web browsers!
  • - (IOS) Added: Fully Seekable streaming video to iPhone/iPad!
  • - (SL) Added: H264/AAC high quality streaming video to web browsers ('SilverLive')
  • - (SL) Enhanced: Multiple GUI enhancements / tidies.
  • - (APP) Fixed: Root folders can now be shared (e.g. D:\)
  • - (APP) Changed: Remote Potato IR Helper now starts for current user only, not all users.
  • v0.99.00
  • - (APP) Added: HTTP Live Streaming (e.g. iOS) is now fully seekable.
  • - (APP) Fixed: Server could occasionally stream on an invalid (and probably un-forwarded) port.
  • - (APP) Fixed: Zero-length .wmv files left behind after streaming.
  • v0.98.26
  • - (SL) Settings UI improvements; split into tab control.
  • - (SL) Added: Manual channel refresh if required, via settings pane.
  • - (SL) Changed: Clarified AC3 streaming pack warning to explicitly mention server.
  • - (APP) Changed: New GUI improvements extended to include separate windows.
  • v0.98.25
  • - (APP) Added: Support for Windows XP and Windows Vista. (not including Media Center functions)
  • - (APP) Added: Option to add any folders for video/picture/recTV sharing. (i.e. not just in Win7 libraries)
  • - (APP) Fixed: Blank EPG or recordings failing due to Media Center changing its internal channel IDs (alpha testing)
  • - (APP) Fixed: Streaming (to browsers) improvements; some attempted fixes for extra buffering issues.
  • - (SL) Added: Picture Library slideshow feature
  • - (SL) Fixed: DRM-protected shows should not offer option to stream.
  • - (APP) Fixed: A show recorded on both SD and HD would only display one of the eps.
  • - (HTML) Added: Support for viewing / downloading picture library
  • - (HTML) Added: Picture library: download zip of folder
  • - (HTML) Added: Support for streaming video library (alpha)
  • - (APP) Fixed: KeySender uninstalls on app removal
  • - (APP_GUI) Changed: New fancypants textures; expert options now hidden by default.
  • - (APP_GUI) Changed: Separate windows for media folders, channel import options & themes
  • - (API) Added: GuideImage.AbsoluteUri added to TVProgramme object
  • - (HTML/SL) Added: 'Infra Red' Remote Emulator: remote control your media center from supported clients
  • - (SL) Added: Deinterlaced video option. Much-improved picture when streaming recorded TV to web browsers. (currently silverlight only)
  • - (SL) Added: Recording options window - set recording options when making a new recording.
  • - (APP) Fixed: Patched ffmpeg to address some HTTP Live streaming issues of WTV files.
  • - (SL) Added: WMV videos now viewable within Videos browser.
  • - (SL) Fixed: Music does not stop when streaming video.
  • - (SL) Added: Empty folder hiding (by default) when browsing media libraries
  • - (APP) Fixed: Default pre and post padding values not respected when making recordings from clients
  • - (APP) Added: Increased possible padding values to +/- 30 minutes. (please report any issues)
  • - (SL) Changed: Movie guide now shows movies from all channels, not just favourites
  • - (HTML) Fixed: Manual recordings sometimes gave 'date must be in future' error (TimeZone issue)
  • v0.98.18
  • - (SL) Added: Video library browser and streaming of videos to silverlight skin. (e.g. AVI files, MP4 files) (alpha test)
  • - (SL) Added: Aspect ratio button for streaming shows. (alas still not possible automatically)
  • - (APP) Added: Connection Setup wizard - comprehensive steps and connection tips/advice
  • - (APP) Added: In-built DynDNS client.
  • - (APP) Added: App now uses 3 streaming ports -- be sure to update your firewall and routers!
  • - (API) Fixed: Shows with non-ASCII characters in file name may not stream.
  • - (API) Updated: MS-WMSP Streaming engine now supports multiple streamers (less 'Already Streaming' errors)
  • - (API) Added: MS-WMSP Streaming engine now supports custom resolution and encoding bitrates.
  • - (API) Updated: Obsoleted some methods and parameters; see API documentation
  • v0.98.10-12
  • - (API) Updated: Streaming support for recorded TV shows with incorrect timestamps. (ffmpeg)
  • - (APP) Added: Media folders management window in UI.
  • - (APP) Fixed: Null reference error with channels with no corresponding service.
  • v0.98.9:
  • - (SL) Added: New improved Picture Library browser; also fixes old issues with UNC path names on server.
  • v0.98.7:
  • - (API) Fixed: Getting 'all songs' failed if music files were offline, e.g. removable media.
  • - (HTML) Fixed: Streaming frame size incorrectly set in some locales.
  • - (APP) Fixed: Server not prevented from idling to sleep during HTTP Live Streaming
  • - (APP) Added: Ability to keep stream alive for up to 800s when HTTP Live Streaming. (e.g. during interruptions on iOS devices)
  • - (APP) Added: Full API debugging option
  • - (APP) Fixed: Workaround for music songs where artists/albums include a '+' sign are not retrieved by some clients, e.g. iOS.
  • - (APP) Fixed: Enhanced support for non-English locale parsing.
  • - (API) Fixed: Parsing error with very long channel IDs in some locales
  • - (APP) Added: Settings thread-safe protection
  • v0.98.3
  • - (APP) Added: Enhanced WTV streaming support to iOS devices (support for non-chunked data, e.g. larger recordings)
  • - (APP) Fixed: Invalid XML could cause client crash or loss of data (e.g. in Music Artist/Album/Genre names)
  • v0.98.2
  • - (APP) Added: Support for AAC_LATM audio when HTTP Live streaming (e.g. DVB-T2 broadcasts)
  • - (APP) Added: Optional audio sync when HTTP Live streaming (video streaming settings tab)
  • - (APP) Fixed: Blank metadata could cause Recorded TV shows not to appear
  • v0.98.1
  • - (APP) App updated to use .NET 4 Framework
  • - (APP) Fixed: Original air date / repeat flag not set for Recorded TV shows
  • - (APP) Added: Option to recurse through subfolders when finding Recorded TV shows
  • - (HTML) Added: Display original air date within show information.

This build provides optimised server speeds and increased stability, including a much-requested 'Movie Guide' for the Silverlight skin.

The build is intended to provide the foundation for the next stable release of Remote Potato and is for feedback and bug reporting purposes.
  • v0.97.4
  • - (APP) Minor changes to bring into line with new stable version
  • v0.97.3
  • - (SL) Fixed: Silverlight TV Guide did not fully load
  • v0.97.2
  • - (SL) Added 'movie guide' section
  • - (SL) Pictures: Now uses Win7 picture library, not WMP library
  • - (SL) Fixed 'double login' problem: no need to log in twice
  • - (APP) Removed HTTP authentication: auth is now via cookies
  • - (APP) Removed /open/ API server
  • - (APP) Increased stability
  • - (SL) Music player now expanded by default

This build provides vastly optimised server speeds when retrieving EPG data, and a corresponding Silverlight EPG grid that is much faster and more stable. It also contains multiple bugfixes, feature enhancements and continues to preview Music Library and Picture Library support.

The build is intended to provide the foundation for the next stable release of Remote Potato and is for feedback and bug reporting purposes.
  • v0.96.2
  • - (SL) Silverlight: EPG grid speed and stability enhancements
  • - (APP) Server API changes: supports iOS clients
  • - (APP) Server speed optimisations: 8-95 times faster at retrieving EPG data
  • - (HMTL) Updated icons

This build contains multiple bugfixes, feature enhancements and continues to preview Music Library and Picture Library support.

It is intended to provide the foundation for the next stable release of Remote Potato and is for feedback and bug reporting purposes.
  • v0.93.2
  • - (HMTL) Updated favicon to improve IE support
  • - (SL) Fixed: Some pictures were cropped to fill screen
  • - (SL) Fixed: Intermittent multithread bug could crash browser
  • v0.93.1
  • - (HTML) Added: Streaming of shows to HTML browsers
  • - (SL) EPG re-written to be 200% faster: now loads in channel 'slices'
  • - (SL) EPG fully cached to local disk between browser sessions
  • - (SL) Optimisations: web fetching of EPG/music now multithreaded
  • - (APP) Server now implements Byte Range Requests. (e.g. for mobile streaming of music)
  • - (APP) Fixed: Recorded TV only shows programmes up to 1 year old.
  • - (HTML) Fixed: No longer required to authenticate twice, e.g. in Silverlight / other clients:
    (server now implements /open prefix for requests without http_auth)
  • - (SL) Added: Option (in settings) to view episode titles within EPG
  • - (APP) Fixed: Running Remote Potato with no security had no effect.
  • - (APP) Added: Multiple recorded TV show folders can now be added to Remote Potato.
  • - (APP) Added: Recorded TV shows now include 'episode title' information from WTV/DVR-MS metadata.
  • - (APP) Fixed: Non-English locales could cause RP to crash on sending browser headers. (TBC)
  • - (SL) Fixed: Right edge of channel logos missing in EPG.
  • - (SL) Added: Enhanced visual effects
  • - (SL) Fixed: Recorded TV window appears empty on 2nd viewing.
  • - (SL) Fixed: Repeated clicking of 'View Log' launched multiple windows
  • - (SL) All logos and thumbnails cached to disk between sessions.
  • - (SL) All logos and thumbnails now load lazily, i.e. when scrolled into view
  • - (SL) Fixed: Picture Library contained blank nodes
  • - (SL) Pictureview Mousewheel support

This is a new build in which Remote Potato runs as a Windows Service. It also continues to preview two new features; Music Library and Picture Library support.

It should be treated as an unsupported, unstable release and is for feedback and bug reporting purposes only.
  • v0.92.10
  • - Fixed: Non-alphanumeric characters can now be used in login password
  • - (APP) Fixed: Music & Pictures account can now be used with a blank password.
  • - (API) Ping method now returns valid XML and server version info
  • - (APP) Fixed: 'Show themes folder' link now opens correct folder.
  • v0.92.8
  • Remote Potato now runs as a Windows Service
  • (APP) Removed non-service-related controls
  • (APP) Attempted fix: invalid web header can be produced for non-GB date locales
  • (APP) Passwords now stored as encrypted hashes
  • (HTML) Re-instated manual recording option.
  • (SL) Fixed: Album plays from 2nd track when added to playlist, if song is already playing.
  • (SL) Fixed: Recorded TV list fails after 'group by' drop-down is selected.
  • (SL) Added: Option to remove warning dialog when all music is browsed.
  • (SL) Added: Option to disable moving menus / backgrounds (for those without taste)
  • Added: Station name field is checked where no station callsign is found in WTV file metadata.
  • Added: Ability to set default record options (quality, keep until, number of episodes)

This is a new build that previews 2 major new features, namely Music Library and Picture Library support.

It should be treated as an unsupported, unstable release and is for feedback and bug reporting purposes only.
  • v0.91.2.3
  • (APP) Fixed: mobile recently connected user agents box non-functional
  • (APP) Fixed: app does not warn on blank username.
  • (SL) Music Library: warns if file not found
  • v0.91.2.2
  • (SL) Music Library support
  • (SL) Picture Library support
  • Fixed error 'not in recorded TV folder' when deleting some recordings
  • Fixed error in 'mobile' tab when clicking central button with nothing selected
  • (HTML) Removed outdated 'this channel at this time' option for series recordings

This is a minor build that takes Remote Potato up to the newest stable release.
  • (SL) Current time line now auto-refreshes
  • (SL) Streaming video no longer cropped when full-screen
  • (SL) Search results mouse wheel scrolling enabled
  • (SL) Minor GUI fixes

  • EPG data now comes directly from Media Center's own guide.
  • Logos now come directly from within Media Center's own guide.
  • Scheduling is now done natively within Media Center itself.
  • Multiple enhancements and improvements to the GUI.

The headline benefits of this upgrade are therefore as follows:

  • No external XMLTV files are now required.  (remember to delete any scheduled tasks!)
  • No external logo files, logo matching or logo mapping is required.
  • No more incorrect programme matches as scheduling is done natively.
  • Pre/Post padding now supports up to 10 minutes each way.  (alpha test)

Additional changes in this update are as follows:

  • EPG browsing extended to up to 14 days in advance.
  • EPG data requests to server are now faster.
  • EPG now includes 'Now' time jump button
  • Recording Refresh buttons added.
  • Search minimum character limit reduced to support 2-letter show names.
  • Memory leak in WTV file reading module fixed.
  • Multiple GUI improvements and enhancements, e.g. font faces, icons, buttons.
  • Fixed timezone issue in scheduled recordings display
  • (HTML) Fixed issue where cancelling a show would cancel the series. (HTML only)
  • Webserver re-built around http.sys; web pages now serve 200-500% faster.
  • (SL) Fixed streaming bug where certain WTV files would generate 'ErrorException' - these now stream OK.
  • Fixed issue where some channels would not appear in the list.
  • One character show names allowed when searching using 'exact/is' match type.
  • Various GUI improvements.
  • (SL) Fixed callsign for recorded TV programmes would display as 'Unknown'
  • (SL) 'Now' button in EPG actually goes to exact time, rather than rounding to nearest hour.
  • (SL) Added current time timeline. (dotted line)
  • (SL) EPG days are now cached in memory. (can disable in user settings)
  • (SL) EPG day 1 is now pre-loaded on startup.
  • (SL) Multiple GUI improvements
  • (SL) Mouse cursor is hidden when OSD is hidden
  • (SL) Volume slider implemented on in streaming video page.
  • (APP) Server will now be prevented from entering standby state while streaming video.
  • (SL) EPG prettification
  • (SL) EPG Channel logo column auto-sizes if no numbers displayed
  • (HTML) Fixed: Series record occasionally gave error "a non-numerical ID was specified"
  • (SL) Added Mouse Wheel support in all scrollable windows.
  • (APP) Fixed: check for network connection before looking for app updates
  • (SL) Attempted fix: intermittent error "inflating" when viewing EPG day
  • Silverlight skin
  • Streaming video
  • Channels can now be re-ordered
  • Faster, more reliable web serving
  • Failsafe scheduling
  • Improved authentication
  • API now available for third party applications