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Remote Potato - What's New

What's changed in the Stable Releases, index by minor version number:
After 18 months of beta testing, feature improvements and enhancements, Remote Potato v1.0 is now released. All existing users are strongly urged to upgrade to benefit from multiple new features and enhancements (see list below).
Notable New Features
  • Fully seekable streaming video to web browsers!
  • Fully Seekable streaming video to iPhone/iPad!
  • Support for Windows XP and Windows Vista. (not including Media Center functions)
  • Picture Library Slideshow
  • 'Infra Red' Remote Control: control Windows Media Center from supported clients
  • Video library browser - stream any videos in most major formats. (e.g. AVI files, MP4 files)
  • Any any folders you like to share video/pictures/Recorded TV
Other Changes
  • v1.0.6
  • - (APP) Added: Add folder using network path
  • - (APP) Fixed: New recorded TV shows not detected in subfolders
  • v1.0.5
  • - (API) Fixed: Issues with streaming to iPhone 3G
  • v1.0.4
  • - (APP) Added: File browsing now sorted alphabetically (e.g. pics library, video library)
  • - (APP) Added: Raised max number of folders that can be added to libraries to 100 folders. (was 10)
  • v1.0.3
  • - (APP) Added: Deinterlaces recorded TV shows while streaming to iOS clients.
  • - (APP) Added: Supports for various iPad streaming qualities (beta testing clients only)
  • v1.0.2
  • - (APP) Fixed: 'Could not schedule series request' from iOS app
  • - (API) Fixed: Probing files could produce error if probe file in use.
  • - (APP) Enhanced: Better XML API error reporting
  • - (APP) Fixed: .WTV .VOB and .TS files now included in video library listing
  • v1.0.1
  • - (SL) Added: Audio stream selection.
  • - (SL) Fixed: Minor date display bug.
  • - (APP) Added: Support for audio commentary streams for visually impaired.
  • v1.0 / v0.99.21
  • - (SL/IOS) Added: Auto-detect aspect ratio when streaming
  • - (SL) Added: H264/AAC high quality streaming video to web browsers ('SilverLive')
  • v0.99.20
  • - (SL) Enhanced: Multiple GUI enhancements / tidies.
  • - (APP) Fixed: Root folders can now be shared (e.g. D:\)
  • - (APP) Changed: Remote Potato IR Helper now starts for current user only, not all users.
  • - (APP) Fixed: Server could occasionally stream on an invalid (and probably un-forwarded) port.
  • - (APP) Fixed: Zero-length .wmv files left behind after streaming.
  • v0.98.26
  • - (SL) Settings UI improvements; split into tab control.
  • - (SL) Added: Manual channel refresh if required, via settings pane.
  • - (SL) Changed: Clarified AC3 streaming pack warning to explicitly mention server.
  • - (APP) Changed: New GUI improvements extended to include separate windows.
  • v0.98.25
  • - (APP) Fixed: Blank EPG or recordings failing due to Media Center changing its internal channel IDs (alpha testing)
  • - (APP) Fixed: Streaming (to browsers) improvements; some attempted fixes for extra buffering issues.
  • - (SL) Fixed: DRM-protected shows should not offer option to stream.
  • - (APP) Fixed: A show recorded on both SD and HD would only display one of the eps.
  • - (HTML) Added: Support for viewing / downloading picture library
  • - (HTML) Added: Picture library: download zip of folder
  • - (HTML) Added: Support for streaming video library (alpha)
  • - (APP) Fixed: KeySender uninstalls on app removal
  • - (APP_GUI) Changed: New fancypants textures; expert options now hidden by default.
  • - (APP_GUI) Changed: Separate windows for media folders, channel import options & themes
  • - (API) Added: GuideImage.AbsoluteUri added to TVProgramme object
  • - (SL) Added: Deinterlaced video option. Much-improved picture when streaming recorded TV to web browsers. (currently silverlight only)
  • - (SL) Added: Recording options window - set recording options when making a new recording.
  • - (APP) Fixed: Patched ffmpeg to address some HTTP Live streaming issues of WTV files.
  • - (SL) Added: WMV videos now viewable within Videos browser.
  • - (SL) Fixed: Music does not stop when streaming video.
  • - (SL) Added: Empty folder hiding (by default) when browsing media libraries
  • - (APP) Fixed: Default pre and post padding values not respected when making recordings from clients
  • - (APP) Added: Increased possible padding values to +/- 30 minutes. (please report any issues)
  • - (SL) Changed: Movie guide now shows movies from all channels, not just favourites
  • - (HTML) Fixed: Manual recordings sometimes gave 'date must be in future' error (TimeZone issue)
  • v0.98.18
  • - (SL) Added: Aspect ratio button for streaming shows. (alas still not possible automatically)
  • - (APP) Added: Connection Setup wizard - comprehensive steps and connection tips/advice
  • - (APP) Added: In-built DynDNS client.
  • - (APP) Added: App now uses 3 streaming ports -- be sure to update your firewall and routers!
  • - (API) Fixed: Shows with non-ASCII characters in file name may not stream.
  • - (API) Updated: MS-WMSP Streaming engine now supports multiple streamers (less 'Already Streaming' errors)
  • - (API) Added: MS-WMSP Streaming engine now supports custom resolution and encoding bitrates.
  • - (API) Updated: Obsoleted some methods and parameters; see API documentation
This is a major new build that brings many new features to the stable version of Remote Potato.

Firstly, and most importantly, Remote Potato now runs as a Windows Service, meaning that it is able to run in the background, whether the settings window is open on your desktop or not. Even if you log out, Remote Potato will continue to run in the background while the machine is switched on, making it perfect for both desktop computers and servers alike.

Secondly, this build enables remote browsing (via the Silverlight skin) of Music Libraries and Picture libraries on your PC. The Silverlight skin also contains a 'Movies' section as often requested.

Finally, this version contains a vastly optimised server, with much faster speeds when retrieving EPG data, and a corresponding Silverlight EPG grid that is faster and more stable.
Major Changes
  • v0.98.9:
  • - (SL) Added: New improved Picture Library browser; also fixes old issues with UNC path names on server.
  • - (API) Multiple bug fixes.
  • - (APP) Fixed: Enhanced support for non-English locale parsing.
  • - (APP) Fixed: Server startup problems (thread-safe protection)
  • v0.98.3
  • - (APP) Fixed: Invalid XML ignored, e.g. in Music Artist/Album/Genre names
  • - (APP) Added: Enhanced WTV streaming support to iOS devices (support for non-chunked data, e.g. larger recordings)
  • v0.98.2 and earlier
  • - (APP) Added: Support for AAC_LATM audio when streaming to iOS. (e.g. DVB-T2 broadcasts)
  • - (APP) Added: Optional audio sync when HTTP Live streaming (video streaming settings tab)
  • - (APP) App updated to use .NET 4 Framework
  • - (APP) Fixed: Original air date / repeat flag not set for Recorded TV shows
  • - (APP) Fixed: Blank metadata could cause Recorded TV shows not to appear
  • - (APP) Added: Option to recurse through subfolders when finding Recorded TV shows
  • - (HTML) Added: Display original air date within show information.
  • v0.97
  • (APP) Remote Potato now runs as a Windows Service
  • (SL) Added 'movie guide' section
  • (SL) Music Library support
  • (SL) Picture Library support
  • (APP) Removed HTTP authentication: auth is now via cookies
  • (APP) Increased stability
  • (APP) Server speed optimisations: 8-95 times faster at retrieving EPG data
  • (HTML) Added: Streaming of shows to HTML browsers
  • (APP) Server now implements Byte Range Requests. (e.g. for mobile streaming of music)
  • (SL) Added: Option (in settings) to view episode titles within EPG
  • (APP) Added: Multiple recorded TV show folders can now be added to Remote Potato.
  • (APP) Added: Recorded TV shows now include 'episode title' information from WTV/DVR-MS metadata.
  • (APP) Fixed: Non-English locales could cause RP to crash on sending browser headers. (TBC)
  • (SL) Fixed: Recorded TV window appears empty on 2nd viewing.
  • (SL) Fixed: Repeated clicking of 'View Log' launched multiple windows
  • (SL) Fixed: Picture Library contained blank nodes
  • (SL) Pictureview Mousewheel support
  • (APP) Attempted fix: invalid web header can be produced for non-GB date locales
  • (APP) Passwords now stored as encrypted hashes
  • (HTML) Re-instated manual recording option.
  • (SL) Added: Option to disable moving menus / backgrounds (for those without taste)
  • (APP) Added: Ability to set default record options (quality, keep until, number of episodes)