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About Remote Potato

RemotePotato brings your media to you, wherever you are. Videos, recorded TV, music, pictures, it’s all instantly accessible over the Internet, streamed live from your home.

Wherever you are in the world, all you need is a normal web browser to access your media. (watch demo) Videos are streamed in stunning quality - AVI, MP4 files, Quicktime – most major formats are supported.  If you have an iPad, iPhone or mobile device, we have an app to make things even neater. Never sync your mobile again!

Windows 7/8 Media Center owners benefit from full integration with their home PVR - schedule recordings, browse the EPG, stream recorded TV shows and more...

It's easy - and free! Download the server app to get started, or watch Remote Potato in action.

Stream your movies and videos Browse your music library and play songs Stream your movies and videos Fully seekable, high quality video